Monday, October 20, 2014

Introduction to Atheist Meme Base

After recognizing several memes in which science is used to refute Christian beliefs, I began to find some of the points interesting. I continued to search for similar memes, and I realized that the Atheist community regularly uses science in its debates with Christians. Atheists tend to use science to debunk or highlight contradictions in the Christian faith and in the Bible. For this reason, I have chosen to study a Facebook community by the name of Atheist Meme Base. The memes feature various characters and concepts, ranging from Philosoraptor to images of God and from homosexuality to ethics. These memes are not religious memes; instead, they are memes about religion due to their use as a form of critique. I have decided to study this Facebook community because it ties together two concepts I am not largely familiar with, atheism and science. I also chose it because I am curious as to whether or not their observations may actually hold some sliver of truth. Are these references truly contradictions? Are they actually addressed in the Bible? Has science directly proven certain parts of the Christian belief to be false? What parts seem to be "common sense" or part of our fundamental ethics as humans?

The Atheist Meme Base Facebook page was launched in March of 2012. This is the same month in which began its archive, though the website was copyrighted in 2008. The meme base also has a twitter feed and Google+ page. The Facebook page often uses links to these pages to share memes. Because of this, my citations will come from the Facebook page and its sister websites. As of yet, I have been unable to find the creator of these pages or the specific reason behind their creation.

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