Friday, November 21, 2014

Summary Meme and Comparison

For this entry, I will be sharing a meme I have created that generally summarizes the messages and ideas presented by the meme sample and community I have been studying.

As stated in my first entry, I have noticed that the Atheist Meme Base community of Facebook regularly uses science to debunk or highlight contradictions in the Christian faith and in the Bible. I later narrowed my sample group down to memes that either pointed to contradictions in the Christian faith (in the Bible or in lived religion) or that use science to dispute Christian beliefs. I created this meme because it references the idea that Christianity ignores logic and science, which leads to it often contradicting these two areas. My meme also uses the forms of referential and phatic communication seen in my meme sample to provoke communication within their community and the outside world (basically, with any and all readers of the memes). This summary meme also highlights the irony of contradiction and uses this incongruity to create humor as demonstrated by the memes displayed by the Atheist Meme Base community.

The Atheist community no longer seems to be a group of people out to get Christians for the hell of it or for the enjoyment of the stress they cause Christians. Instead, I now see the point behind their arguments, as they are valid, scientific, and objective.
I have chosen to compare my meme sample and study to that of my classmate Alli R. While we were discussing our findings, we were both rather surprised to discover that our research had shown several similarities. Some of the easy-to-see similarities between our studies was their focus on Atheist communities who connect through a specific Facebook page. Further discussion showed the similarities that truly surprised us. We realized that both of our meme sample groups reference the contradictions in the lived religion of Christianity,  contradictions in the Bible, and the use of science to dispute parts of the Bible. We also noted that our memes use these contradictions to create humor. In other words, both sample groups fall into Shifman's humor category of incongruity.

 One of the differences we found between our communities was their background. While my Atheist Facebook page has virtually no background information, Alli's Atheist Facebook Page creator took the time to create a description as well as some of his ideas on the topic of religion. Because I do not have much of a foundation for the history and purpose of my community's page, I intend to use the similarities between our two studies to help support my final argument. I also intend to draw information on the Atheist community as a whole from the information provided by Alli's page creator.

Facebook Page
Alli's Blog

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  1. So basically a group of easily debunkable straw-man arguments with ho historical or scientific support behind said arguments.